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Made by: Carpe Diem

The Saltö by Carpe Diem is one of the most luxurious adjustable sleep systems in the world. Handcrafted with the signature Carpe Diem pocket-over-pocket spring system, the Saltö reacts to vertical and horizontal weight shifts with a precision that delicately embraces the entire body. No other adjustable sleep system offers 3 points of adjustability like the Saltö, delivering head, lumbar, and foot section articulation for a superior level of support along the entire body. Medium- Soft and Medium-Firm support levels are available on either side of the bed, allowing couples to share a personalized nighttime escape without compromising on overall feel.

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Exclusive Top Mattress: Pliable top mattress with a soft cotton-filled summer side, a New Zealand wool-filled winter side and natural latex in the middle. Year around comfort. Height 9 cm. (3.5) Natural Latex mid-Mattress: Made with premium 100% Talalay latex, free of allergens and other harmful agents. Transverse Pocket Spring System: For unparalleled comfort, measuring 13 cm (5.1”) in height. Longitudinal X-Pocket: For smooth control of motion transfer, measuring 9 cm (3.5”) in height. Pocket Spring System: Heat-treated piano wire pocket springs for contouring comfort that will last. Handcrafted Wooden Frame: Rest with a clear conscious knowing that the Saltö is made entirely of premium hand-selected pine from Sweden’s sustainable forestry operations.