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Skafto with motors

Made by: Carpe Diem

The Skaftö bed by Carpe Diem pairs exquisitely beautiful design with an unparalleled level of comfort. The introduction of mid-body leveling adjusters as operated by wireless remote control paired with personalized firmness available for each side of the mattress give you a truly customized sleeping solution. The Skaftö features mid-body leveling adjusters to enable the effortless adjustment of head, lumber, and foot regions. An exclusive top mattress soothes your body with one side filled with certified New Zealand wool and the other with soft cotton to keep you comfortable in any season. As a finishing touch, the Skaftö rests on a set of Sail bed legs for a crisp, modern bedroom look.

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Skafto with motors


Exclusive Top Mattress: Pliable top mattress with a soft cotton-filled summer side, a New Zealand wool-filled winter side and natural latex in the middle. Luxurious year round comfort. Height 9 cm. (3.5) Natural Latex mid-Mattress: Made with premium 100% Talalay latex, free of allergens and other harmful agents. Transverse Pocket Spring System: For unparalleled comfort, measuring 13 cm (5.1”) tall. Longitudinal X-Pocket: Spanning the Skaftö widthwise for motion transfer control that allows freedom of movement, without sacrificing support. Pocket Spring System: Heat-treated piano wire pocket springs for contouring comfort that will last. Handcrafted Wooden Frame: Rest with a clear conscious knowing that the Skaftö is made entirely of premium hand-selected pine from only sustainable forestry operations in Sweden.